The Beacon hive is expanding!

We’ve had a waitlist since building offices in 2011 in our OG Beacon location in the Telephone Building. So we’re swarming a second hive (an annex) on Main Street and adding more private work studios.

We’ll have several sizes for 1 to 4 people — perfect as a small office for an entrepreneur, independent worker, telecommuter, or a small team.

It’s on the renovated top floor of a charming 1880s building. All studios have windows with unobstructed blue-sky views and natural light all day (which, studies show — surprise! — improves productivity, sleep and vitality). Some face east for morning sun, some face west and a bit of the river, one faces Main St to the south. Other highlights:

  • windows with views and white walls give a light, airy feel
  • shared lounge area and kitchenette (and possibly a conference room)
  • enclosed porch and outdoor space with deck and large yard

Studio “residents” are members of BEAHIVE, with all the membership benefits that entails:

  • access to big-company healthcare and HR benefits
  • shared spaces — free/discounted usage of conference room(s) in the Telephone Building (and maybe annex)
  • shared kitchen appliances and equipment like Wi-Fi and printer
  • access to other hives (including our flagship in the Telephone Building and Albany — and, soon, Newburgh and Poughkeepsie)
  • programs and events
  • a vibrant community of cool collaborators
  • members-only online community platform (with companion mobile app)
  • and more

It’s just a few minutes walk from the train — and just an 8-minute walk down Main St from the flagship with all its amenities and vibrancy. Members will have access to both (as well as our locations in other towns).

Available May 6 or thereabouts. Contact us if interested.


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