Katherine Raynor
SUNY New Paltz
Beacon Member

A SUNY New Paltz prof passionate about social justice and travel, Katherine kicked off 2019 as a member of BEAHIVE.

I’m a(n)…

critical thinker.

I’m passionate about…

social justice and travel.

Briefly describe your work.

I teach Human Services at SUNY New Paltz. This requires teaching in the classroom, as well as supervising students in the field where they have internships at local human services across the Hudson Valley. Each semester I will likely find myself traveling to Kingston, Ellenville, Newburgh, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Brewster, Pawling, Beacon, and anywhere in between.

What do you love about what you do?

The students, hands down. I’m awed on a daily basis by their thirst for knowledge. They keep me on my toes, and constantly teach me something new.

How did you start (your work)?

I’ve always had a passion for education and teaching. Prior to this I was a social worker in Dutchess County for close to a decade, and worked on coalitions with many different local agencies. This position combined my experience in the local human services field with my love for teaching. It’s my dream job.

What do you like best about BEAHIVE?

While much of my week has me in the classroom or traveling around the Mid-Hudson Valley, I know I can count on my time here to stay grounded and get my work done. It’s an environment where I’m not isolated, but it’s quiet and I can stay focused and productive.

Where do you see your work going in the next year… five?

I will be pursuing tenure, and am always looking to keep the curriculum and experiences of the Human Services Concentration current. There may or may not be a PhD in my future as well, but that may be farther than five years…

Anything else you want us to know?

I’ve lived in four different countries in my life, and I’m eager to share that with my students. I’ve been able to travel with them to Denmark and South Africa to broaden their horizons. I soon hope to add Guatemala and Puerto Rico to that list.

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