Why is BEAHIVE spelled funny? It’s a cute reference to Beacon, NY (BEA-HIVE, Bea-con…).

The original BEAHIVE opened in May 2009 right in the heart of Beacon’s Main Street in an artisan-renovated 1907 Bell Telephone building.

Over the years we’ve swarmed four locations and currently have two active hives. Membership gives you access to all, so you’ll have double the community.

All hives are places to work, meet, collaborate and socialize and are available to rent for events, workshops and group meetings — either for a fee or for free, depending on the nature of the event.


Our third hive opened in March 2012 in Downtown Albany in the Capital Region.
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Where it all began, right in the heart of Beacon, on three floors of an artisan-renovated 1907 Bell Telephone building.
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Our second hive closed in 2012 and re-opened in 2015 in The Lace Mill, a $20 million renovated 112-year-old, 70,000-square-foot affordable housing complex for artists. We’re currently on hiatus while we reexamine our strategy in Kingston.
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We swarmed to Peekskill in 2015 in the ol’ Pugsley Building, newly renovated as The Flatz, but decided to refocus our energies and closed that winter.
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