BEAHIVE is a community. Communities thrive when they work together, play together, share ideas, and — well — commune.

We view work holistically. We aim to inspire people socially and emotionally, outside of work, which makes them more creative and happier in their work.

Below are just a few things we’ll do to inspire, educate and bond members — and ultimately, engage with the larger community. Currently scheduled events are shown on our events page.

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Smart people are looking for a positive alternative to the prevailing Wall Street-driven economic system. Re>Think Local is that alternative. We’re co-creating a better Hudson Valley: vibrant, sustainable, locally rooted and human scale with equal concern for people, planet and profit. (We’re founding partners of this nonprofit — BEAHIVE founder Scott Tillitt is a board member.)

We’re addressing economic, environmental, cultural and social issues through education, tools and resources, policy, influence and community-building. We’re supporting and collaborating with locally owned, independent businesses, the creative class, and innovative entrepreneurs committed to a value- and values-driven Local Living Economy.


The inaugural TEDxLongDock on June 7, 2013 explored the impact of arts, culture, the creative class and entrepreneurship in the Hudson Valley. It gathered great minds from the Hudson Valley and beyond — 22 hand-picked speakers and performers and 100+ attendees — to inspire our thinking, channel our ambition, and help unleash the potential of our bold new creativity.


We convened a small group of respected civic leaders, politicians and journalists to help consciously create a vibrant community in Kingston. Our first public event was held July 14, 2011: “CIVIC KINGSTON NY: A Forum for Engagement” focused on turning vision into action.


personal and professional development / running a microbusiness/freelance practice / PR and marketing / financial matters


Take advantage of collective intelligence (“hive mind”) and an inspiring meeting place to brainstorm and work towards creative solutions to problems. Think of it as a mash-up of an ad hoc advisory board and group therapy for your work. Held monthly. See events page for upcoming.


film screenings / game nights / parties / live music + performing arts


For artists we provide: free space, a reception, publicity, exposure in a unique setting, and affiliation with a progressive organization with a growing following. See our Art Show Guidelines if you’re interested in having an exhibition at BEAHIVE.


planning, technical and creative support for community-based events and initiatives