We’re more than desks and Wi-Fi and printers. We’re a rich community of members with a desire to improve our professional and personal lives and our community.

BEAHIVE gives the creative class and entrepreneurs a voice and support not typically found in government agencies and traditional business groups. These citizens bring new energy and businesses to communities, but they also bring new thinking that can impact larger societal issues. They have the kind of broad perspective we need to address the intertwined challenges we face, connecting the dots between seemingly disparate ideas.

We’re driven by the dream of vibrant, diverse and inclusive Hudson Valley communities — supported by a Main Street economy that is sustainable, locally rooted and human scale.

Mission / We Aim To…

  1. Empower + Engage — through education and information, resources, quality of life.
  2. Inspire + Facilitate — new thinking and action to address community issues and economic development that meets the needs of all of us.

Our Impact

Since 2009 we’ve engaged thousands of Hudson Valley denizens and dozens of community groups and nonprofits through membership, events and programs.

  1. Hosted/produced/supported hundreds of programs and events to inspire, educate, connect and activate our community — both members and non-members alike.
  2. Fostered a sense of community for our members, especially those who are newcomers to town and looking for ways to get involved.
  3. Driven traffic and energy that helps support current businesses and attract new businesses, tourists, residents.
  4. Helped strengthen the local economy, supporting the growing creative class, entrepreneurs and microbusinesses in the area.

Ethos / We Are…

An inviting and accessible community.
Are you respectful, mindful, helpful, trustworthy? Can you play well in the sandbox? Great, you’re welcome here.

Good neighbors.
Which means we’re engaged, community-improving citizens.

“DIY” & “DIT.”
We’re independent minded (DIY) but know that often we work better if we Do It Together.

“Entrepreneurs” who get $h!t done.
Our idea of entrepreneurship is expansive: an enterprising spirit in meeting any challenge (professional, societal, personal).

Inspired people, places and ideas.
Life is better when we live inspired lives — and we try our best to help with that.

Serious when needed, playful when not.
You know what they say, All work and no play….