Our region’s best magazine “celebrating the Hudson Valley lifestyle” and covering arts, culture and sustainability, Chronogram, recently profiled us as one of the six best coworking spaces in the Hudson Valley.

It’s encouraging how far the movement has come. When we launched 10 years ago we were the only ones in the region. And there were only a handful in the city and maybe a few hundred worldwide. Now there are 20,000, by some estimates.

As the author, Anne Pyburn Craig, writes, “The Hudson Valley now boasts a handful of burgeoning coworking facilities. ‘The larger aim is to inspire and facilitate new thinking and action to address community issues and economic development in a sustainable way,’ says Scott Tillitt, BEAHIVE founder and OG Hudson Valley coworker.

“‘Community engagement is part of the DNA of Beahive. Helping catalyze energy in Beacon, and Main Street in particular, was one reason I decided to take a risk on this new-fangled idea. And that vision quickly expanded to the Hudson Valley as a region.'”

BEAHIVE is joined by these five friends: One EPIC Place, CO., Purpose Cooperative, Chatham Coworker, and Cowork Kingston.


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