Zoning laws are complicated and nuanced. Good ones balance private interests with community needs.

We hosted a packed forum last year in response to the development boom in Beacon and the city’s resulting review of our zoning laws. Both the development and the zoning review continues, so it was time to convene again.

We again partnered with longtime city council member Lee Kyriacou to host the Beacon Zoning Forum 2.0 — an open meeting to learn how zoning works, what the current laws are, what proposed changes would do, and the like.

Lee operated as a private citizen in facilitating the event.

More than 35 concerned citizens and city officials showed up on Dec. 1, 2018, to listen, learn, express. We discussed the big pieces of city rezoning still remaining:

  • Protect 60+ historic structures in/around Main St (in addition to ones protected on either end of Main St).
  • Revise the zoning adjacent to Main St for uses that fit residential behind Main.
  • Totally revamp and simplify the permitted uses and setback tables for all zones.
  • Revisit Linkage zoning for more ground floor commercial, et al.

Below is a full video of the 2-hour event and an overview of Lee’s presentation.



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