Zoning laws are complicated and nuanced. Good ones balance private interests with community needs.

In light of the current development boom in Beacon and some resulting snafus and public outcry, the city is reviewing its zoning laws.

So on Dec. 16, 2017, we partnered with longtime city council member Lee Kyriacou to host the Beacon Zoning Forum — an open meeting to learn how zoning works, what the current laws are, what proposed changes would do, and the like. Lee operated as a private citizen in facilitating the event.

More than 60 concerned citizens and city officials (present and past) showed up to listen, learn, express. There was (largely) no particular stance, just open and honest information sharing.

Below is an overview of Lee’s presentation and the current Beacon zoning map — followed by a full video of the 2-hour event.

[slideshare id=84313249&doc=beaconzoning2017-12-16-171217194211]

[slideshare id=84313342&doc=beaconzoningmap-171217194459&type=d]



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