Please give a big round of bzzz to our new community ambassador, Michelle Eggink. A multi-hyphenated wellness and communications pro, Michelle is “BIG on smiling and small talk (and deep talks if needed),” a perfect presence for our Beacon hive.

I’m a(n)…

creative, healer, foodie, lover of tea & tranquility.

I’m passionate about…

holistic healing, sustainability, writing, helping others become the best version of themselves.

Briefly describe your work.

I am a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher, ceremonial breathwork facilitator, and nutritional therapy practitioner who works with oncology patients, veterans, at-risk youth, and many others who suffer from physical and mental health issues.

I help manage and market Pellegrino Healing Center and Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center, facilitate private and group meditation and breathwork sessions, and travel to speak at local school districts and businesses. I also co-founded ME:TM Meditations & Binaural Beats.

What do you love about what you do?

I love helping people help themselves with strategic techniques and lots of positive encouragement.

How did you start (your work)?

I’ve been in the wellness game since I was a little kid, volunteering at yoga retreats, attending women’s circles, and writing/narrating guided meditations for fun!

My love of communications work, writing, and connecting with others was also fostered at a very young age.

I have a number of certifications, trainings, workshops, and continuous learning opportunities under my belt to support my passions, my work, and my clients.

Where do you see your work going in the next year… five?

I see myself expanding my reach to help as many people as I can!

What do you like best about BEAHIVE?

The sense of community, the beautiful workspace, and the kind and inspiring people!

What’s your favorite thing about the local community?

Beacon is a “soul place” for me, meaning it’s a place that I have always felt particularly drawn to and at home at. I love its eclectic charm, vibrant Main Street, and nearby nature spots!

Anything else you want us to know?

I’m BIG on smiling and small talk (also here for deep talks if needed), so if you need a quick pick-me-up or break from work, know that I am usually your girl.

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