Please give a big round of bzzz to our new community ambassador, Marie Casado. A veteran who recently moved back to Newburgh, Marie is passionate about “bringing knowledge to veterans and helping out the community,” a perfect presence for our Newburgh hive.

I’m a(n)…

veteran, stoic, motivator, entrepreneur.

I’m passionate about…

bringing knowledge to veterans and helping out the community.

Briefly describe your work.

I’m a mobile notary that specializes in loan documents, affidavits, I-9 forms. I’m also a wedding officiant and immigration forms specialist.

I handle notary request in the client’s home or in a neutral location like nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers or even a Starbucks.

What do you love about what you do?

I love meeting new individuals daily and learning more about them.

How did you start (your work)?

I started my work upon doing research for flexible jobs. I recently got out of the military after serving 10 years and decided to move back home. I wanted to really feel like I was working within the community while being able to maintain a flexible schedule.

Where do you see your work going in the next year… five?

I see myself being well known throughout the community. I would love to be the go-to notary for everyone’s needs.

What do you like best about BEAHIVE?

Beahive has such a welcoming atmosphere.

What’s your favorite thing about the local community?

Though I just moved back after 10 years, I’m learning new things about Newburgh every day. From its beautiful history to individuals helping the community daily.

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