The Rub

You’re full of spirit and smarts but don’t know where to apply it. You have a great idea for a venture that will change the world (or maybe just our community) but don’t know how to implement it. You long to work in a dynamic environment full of bright minds, enthusiasm and creativity.

The Resolution

Work for BEAHIVE. Inspired by the coworking and localism movements, BEAHIVE is a pioneering space for work and community and possibilities — the first and only of our kind in the Hudson Valley, one of only a handful in all of NY, and one of probably only a few hundred in the world when we opened in 2009.

BEAHIVE is a place where entrepreneurs, creatives and techies mix with nonprofit leaders, activists and community organizers. At the most basic level, we provide a member-powered, creative workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, consultants, and microbusinesses.

But we’re more than that. Since 2009 we’ve engaged thousands of denizens and dozens of community groups and nonprofits through membership, events and programs. (See our vision.)

With multiple hives in the Hudson Valley (and more on the way) and a plethora of programs and projects in mind, we have an ongoing need for folks to help realize our larger vision. Engage with smart, creative professionals and learn firsthand how to build a social enterprise and an engaged community and bask in the warmth of collaboration.

You’ll get:

  • Financial remuneration (TBD)
  • A free full-time membership to BEAHIVE. Help us and work on your own projects.
  • A growing network of mentors and collaborators. BEAHIVE members work in a variety of fields, from web programming and graphic design to finance, art and public relations; writers, editors and solopreneurs of every stripe.
  • A breadth of experience not found in a conventional workplace — limited only by your initiative.

We have big plans — to grow our community and our impact. You could help.


This is very much a co-created position. You’ll work closely with founder Scott Tillitt to both make BEAHIVE run smoothly (for members and non-members alike) and have greater impact in the community through our programming. Here are just a few of things you might work on.

Community Activation

BEAHIVE is a community. Communities thrive when they work together, play together, share ideas, and — well — commune. You’ll help activate ours.

How can we be a platform for community impact? How can we create the conditions for an inspired experience and authentic community? How can we create the conditions for magic to happen?


  • co-manage our space and member management online platform
  • give potential member and space renter tours and access/orientation
  • manage the spaces and keep ’em tidy
    • plants, trash + recycling, mail + packages, supplies
  • establish and oversee a desk exchange program
  • assist with marketing BEAHIVE and our programs, internally and externally


We’re looking for passion, smarts, humor, tech savvy, responsibility and reliability — as it relates to the above. You also need your own laptop and easy access to Beacon and Newburgh (and, eventually, Poughkeepsie). The position is flexible but probably no more than 10 hours/week to start — with the potential to grow as we expand.

If all this resonates, email us your résumé/CV with a description of yourself, why you want to work with us, and what you’d bring.

May the bees be with you!



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