“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

— Steve Jobs

I’ve written about how there was a time in the fall when I was uncertain if BEAHIVE would survive. But here we are!

We opened our doors on Beacon’s Main Street in May 2009 during the nadir of the Great Recession, and we just survived the Great Reset of 2020.

Then and now we’re driven by the dream of vibrant, diverse and inclusive Hudson Valley communities — supported by Main Street economies that are sustainable, locally rooted and human scale.

Since 2009 we’ve engaged thousands of denizens and dozens of community groups and nonprofits through membership, events and programs.

We’ve had hives at various times in Albany, Beacon, Kingston, Newburgh and Peekskill — and our current locations in Albany, Beacon (including an annex) and Newburgh are buzzing. And there’s more to come.

We’ve had our trials and tribulations, and now it’s time for celebrations!



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