Nearly 6,000 coworking spaces with 300,000 members worldwide


When BEAHIVE opened in early 2009 there maybe were a few hundred spaces worldwide and only a small handful in NYC. (We were the first in the Hudson Valley, maybe in the entire state outside of the city.)

Much like Moore’s law the number is doubling every couple of years. There are now more than 100 spaces in NYC.

WeWork, the Starbucks of coworking, recently raised $355 million in funding, valuing the company at $5 billion. That’s BILLION.

It’s clear that the movement is maturing.

There are even spaces for marijuana entrepreneurs! (See the “Top 5 Trends for Coworking in 2015,” including expanding to traditionally underserved markets.)

Jimmy Fallon is producing a pilot comedy called Sharing from Universal TV about disparate groups of people who work side-by-side in a shared office space.

And a space in Sarasota, FL, has produced its own home-grown reality web series, CoWork, that tells “the story of entrepreneurs and creatives who come in and out of our doors on a daily basis.”

We celebrate our six-year anniversary in May. We hope to be around as the movement evolves over the next six.


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