February 24 at the Beacon hive we had a lively, interactive discussion with established and emerging leaders around developing a food‐based social enterprise in the Hudson Valley.

The room at the “FOOD + Social Enterprise Panel” was packed with nearly 70 people.

Photo: Caylena Cahill
Photo: Caylena Cahill

The quality of the conversation from both the panelist table and from the audience was encouraging. We’re blessed to live in a region equally abundant with rich soil and smart, passionate people.

BEAHIVE member (and photographer) Caylena Cahill captured some of the vibe that night. See the photos here.


Benjamin Giardullo / Food Systems Consulting & Management
Nels Leader / Vice President, Bread Alone Bakery and Cafe
Mike Oates / Chief Executive Officer, Hudson River Ventures
Jason Schuler / Founder, Drink More Good


Scott Tillitt / Founder of Antidote Collective and BEAHIVE; Co-founder and Board Chair of Re>Think Local

Elizabeth Druback Celaya / Hudson River Housing, Middle Main Poughkeepsie and Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory


BEAHIVE, Hudson River Housing / Middle Main Poughkeepsie / Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory, Re>Think Local



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