In August and September we solicited applications to award a free 3-month Full Coworker membership to someone we think will have some positive impact on the world — and for whom BEAHIVE membership would be beneficial. (Matt Perks of New Energy Events is the generous sponsor.)

Sarah WomerWe found her: Sarah Womer of Beacon. She’s an ideal BEAHIVE member: smart, passionate, a true collaborator, and trying to impact our community in a real way.

That passion is directed primarily towards Zero to Go, an initiative educating the public on waste and recycling issues in the Hudson Valley by “bringing awareness to the resources we do have (i.e. reuse centers, where and how to recycle), and second, making more resources available,” as she explains it.

Sarah is a two-time AmeriCorps alumnus and lifetime volunteer. She has worked at sculpture foundry Tallix (formerly in Beacon) and in the alumni department of Outward Bound. She fell in love with reuse and upcycling while serving as the board secretary of the HV Materials Exchange.

Besides Zero to Go, Sarah is also helping her partner, Jon Miles, manage and grow his business (Peoples Bicycle) and volunteering with the League of Women Voters and the Sargent Downing Garden & Nursery (as board secretary). But wait, there’s more! She’s also working as a personal assistant to an art collector. “That’s a lot of hats!” she says.

In her application, Sarah wrote that what attracts her to BEAHIVE is, “I’m at a point where I really need to talk with brand strategists, marketers, PR folks, social media folks and web programmers. I want to learn more about these fields and how they can help my project but I don’t have enough access to them.”

In Twitter-speak she summed up why she should be the chosen one: “community-focused enviro entrepreneur needs a jumpstart + a place to get serious!” Start jumping, Sarah.

2 Replies to “‘Community-Focused Ecopreneur Needs a Jumpstart!’”

  • Sounds great, Sarah. I’d like to learn more about Zero To Go, sometime.

  • ladygwene

    Zero to go great to hear that an an initiative to educate the public on waste and recycling issues in the Hudson Valley is being looked into, but not just the public also the carters, the sanitation dept..what can be done with the garbage…I heard …One guy is making handbags…out of nacho bags and the like….


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