We’re on hiatus while we reexamine our strategy in Kingston.

In December ’09 we partnered with Chronogram (Luminary Publishing) to populate a hive in the heart of Kingston’s historic Uptown District.

We had members not only from Kingston but also surrounding towns — Rhinebeck, Woodstock, Accord and beyond. See our Founding Members.

After 30 months, 40-plus members and dozens of events, we decided it was time to leave Kingston. We closed in May 2012.

Kingston 2.0

We came back and started accepting members again in December 2015.

This time we partnered with RUPCO, a housing and community development nonprofit.

We were housed in The Lace Mill, a $20 million renovated 112-year-old, 70,000-square-foot building once known as the United States Lace Curtain Mill, now an affordable housing complex for artists.

We created an actual and virtual intersection between The Lace Mill’s artist-residents and creative entrepreneurs, and in the process empowering both.