Time to Leave Kingston

Kingston (event)Thirty months. Forty-plus members. Dozens of events.

Community catalyzed. Collaborations coalesced. Friendships formed.

It’s been a good run in Kingston. But it’s time for my partners, Jason and Amara at Chronogram, and me to redirect our energies.

We’re closing the Kingston hive, at least in its current incarnation.

The Beacon and Albany hives continue to thrive, of course. And I’m confident letting the Kingston hive go will allow even better focus on the other two (and potentially others yet to be swarmed).

That said, I haven’t lost interest in Kingston. I’d welcome any ideas for BEAHIVE to continue to have a presence there in any way, whether in a physical space or through events or collaborations.

Thanks to our Kingston-area friends for all the support these last two-and-a-half years.

About Scott Tillitt

I'm the founder of BEAHIVE and Antidote Collective, which does communications and projects for a better world (bio). I'm also a founder and board chair of Re>Think Local, and am involved in various other projects and community engagements focused on making Beacon and the Hudson Valley a more vibrant, sustainable, locally-rooted and human-scale place to live and work. I moved to Beacon from Brooklyn in 2006 and very quickly fell in love with the people, the mountain, the river, the creative energy.
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One Response to Time to Leave Kingston

  1. Gregg Swanzey says:

    I just came on as Director of Economic Development and Strategic Partnerships for the City of Kingston and would like to know more about this and to explore ways to bring the kind of energy Beehive generates in concentrated form into Kingston. How can I help as a resident of Kingston and as a Director in City Hall?