Our fine local nonprofit newspaper The Highlands Current has a current series of articles called “Living on the Edge” that explores the economic challenges of living and working in the Highlands (Beacon, Philipstown, Cold Spring, etc.).

In the third piece in the series, “The Gig Economy,” Jeff Simms highlights some local challenges of freelancing, sharing the stories of two locals and also featuring BEAHIVE (and founder Scott Tillitt) as an innovator and resource for freelancers and the community.

“Whatever the reason and whatever you call it, the gig economy is growing rapidly, and will continue to do so over the next decade, according to projections,” he writes. And in the sidebar titled “You Can’t Be Fired When You’re the Boss,” he adds, “Within the next decade, predicts Scott Tillitt, the founder of Beahive, half of all workers won’t have salaried jobs.”

Workers are increasingly looking for ways to open up their schedules and feed their creativity, while also making ends meet; this is where the gig economy comes in. As the article highlights, BEAHIVE gives those individuals a sense of belonging and the community a means to engage.

 “The mission is much larger than just coworking,” says Tillitt, whose background is in marketing and communications. “It’s about community engagement. The events and forums I do are much bigger. They have nothing to do with work but they have everything to do with a vibrant community.


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