We First Opened our Doors in May 2009 on Beacon’s Charming Main Street

At the time there were only a few coworking spaces in NYC and maybe a few dozen worldwide. And almost all were in major Western cities.

By the end of 2018 nearly 2 million people will have worked in one of nearly 19,000 spaces in every corner of the world. The growth has been exponential.

We’re proud to have been pioneers in this worldwide, paradigm-shifting movement in collaboration.

The Vision Continues

We have a lot planned for the next year or so, all of which is too premature to announce.

But our plans are driven by a dream of vibrant, diverse and inclusive Hudson Valley communities — supported by an economy that is sustainable, locally rooted and human scale.

We’ll stretch our mission to inspire and facilitate new thinking and action to address community issues and economic development in a sustainable way that meets the needs of all our citizens. Stay tuned!



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