You all know that BEAHIVE was partly inspired by and modeled after the worldwide, exponentially growing coworking movement.

We brought it to the Hudson Valley 3 years ago and on June 7 we’re collaborating with a couple other local pioneers to celebrate this milestone.

Many of you also know that we see coworking as a means to several ends.

Ultimately we’re supporting a Local Living Economy, one that is vibrant, sustainable, locally rooted and human scale with an equal concern for people, planet and profit.

From the beginning we’ve had several large initiatives in mind to help cultivate this community-focused movement in the Hudson Valley.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)I’m pleased to announce that one of those initiatives is manifesting: the creation of a new, affiliated network of the national Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).

BALLE is a network of networks (around 80 in the US and Canada) representing over 22,000 locally-owned, independent, socially responsible businesses.

I’m a founding board member of the network, and BEAHIVE will be a highly engaged partner in the years to come.

This BALLE baby is already crawling: Seed funding has been secured, the president is in place, the initial board of directors has met a couple times, and staff is being recruited. Stay tuned as the baby begins to walk.


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