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The Graft

Sat, Oct 5, 2013
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The GRAFT is a nine-song, three-act live show featuring music, visual art, and real-time audience interaction via social media. The show starts with with the experience of hitting rock bottom, continues through a process of healing and learning, and ends with finding happiness and love.

Graft - OpeningNight1Throughout the show, questions appear on the video screen inviting audience members to share their own experiences and life lessons via Twitter (@applythegraft) using their smartphones. Audience responses are then shown live on the video screen via Twitterfall. By sharing their own experiences with the experiences portrayed in The GRAFT, the show becomes both personal and universal, demonstrating that we are often not as alone or unique as we may think, and that healing is accessible to everyone, no matter how far they’ve fallen from grace.

The GRAFT stands for the five songs that make up the second act, and the five stages of the healing process outlined in the show:

Ruthless honesty

The goal of The GRAFT is not to give anyone the answers to their life’s problems. The goal of The GRAFT is to give people questions to ask themselves in order to lead them on their own path to finding hope, healing, and happiness.

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