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The Clipperton Project: Exploration, Conservation & Community in Remote Places

Sat, Mar 5, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


A Talk by Writer & Explorer Jon Bonfiglio

The Clipperton Project began as an idea in 2010 and is now an independent nonprofit that navigates a global program made up of journeys, residencies, exhibitions, exchanges, workshops, talks, festivals, symposia, and much more; using exploration to energise and empower active citizens.

Clipperton uses movement, both physical and mental, across water (oceans, rivers and canals) to explore and discover new possibilities that enable direct action for change.

The mission is to broaden horizons; to empower people to trust the unknown; to move beyond themselves and what they think they know.

The vision is of a world where people actively engage with the space around them for the good of all.


Jonathan Bonfiglio

He has been described in Mexico’s La Jornada as being “one of the most groundbreaking producers of his generation” and in The News as being “a Renaissance Man, tirelessly working to forge cultural bonds,” with the Richmond Times in the UK stating that he is “rapidly becoming the thinking man’s playwright.”

Among his many adventures, he has been hunted in the Guatemalan jungle by persons unknown, lost a vessel in the North Atlantic, has tripped over bombs on isolated islands and has an innate interest in quantum and working with clowns. The former, he says, is easier than the latter.

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