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TEDxLongDock Reception

Fri, Jun 7, 2013
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Open to attendees of TEDxLongDock from 5:30 – 7 PM.

Open to the public at 7 PM for BEAHIVE anniversary party.

Reception includes music from Ruben Y David and an opening reception of photography by Caitlin Strom.

Wine from local vineyards courtesy of Hudson Valley Wine Market (Gardiner, NY).
Craft beer from The Hop (Beacon).

The anniversary after-party features even more. It’ll be epic.

RUBEN Y DAVID / Ruben Gonzalez + David Ellenbogen
Original music from Uptown Manhattan
Ruben is a prolific singer-songwriter from Argentina. His GONZALEZ band was selected by Phillip Glass to perform at the Tune In Festival, as an example of a new direction in music and “musical ingenuity.” David is a versatile guitarist, producer and radio host. He has performed in and studied music in Ghana, Mali, Brazil, India and a host of other countries. He lays down African grooves in Famoro Dioubate’s Kakande but also creates soundscapes for journeying in his Acoustic Mandala Project. Many of the world’s greatest musicians have joined him on his radio show on NYC’s WKCR-FM and podcast.

Caitlin Strom

Caitlin Strom

Caitlin Strom

Caitlin Strom

Artist Statement
I am fascinated by the way that human beings create intricate realities based on their perceptions and feelings. These realities carry the illusion of being continuous and cohesive, when in fact they are constructed from constantly arising and dissolving moments, senses, thoughts, and moods. It is our own consciousness, and our longing for meaning, narrative, and security, that create this mirage of a consistent and continuous experience.

These photographs play with the way we construct reality on the visual plane. The overlapping and imperfectly aligned exposures are created in camera, creating in a minute or so a miniature and frozen version of the visual reality we are constantly generating through our eyeballs in fractions of a second. Using a plastic camera, with its light leaks and uneven exposure, further accentuates the cracks in our illusion of a cohesive and sensical world.

We tend to cling to these visions of a solid and identifiable reality (and self) because on a deep level we fear being ungrounded, lost, and undefined. But actually, when we take the time to slow down and investigate the fleetingness and richness of our perceptions, letting go at least in part of our predictions and prescriptions about reality, we can find ourselves experiencing a world that is mysterious, magical, and surprising.



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