Struggling with a work issue? Need a perspective shift?

Hive mind.

Take advantage of collective intelligence and an inspiring meeting place to work out creative solutions to problems.

Advisory board meets group therapy.

Think of this as a mash-up of an ad hoc advisory board and group therapy for your work. Come prepared to share and to listen.

A range of issues.

Open to any work-related issue: getting clients, marketing, PR, funding, launching an idea, strategy, productivity, wellness… Open to any entrepreneur or intrapreneur — consultants, freelancers, and nonprofit leaders included. Our idea of entrepreneurship is expansive: an enterprising spirit in meeting any challenge (professional, societal, personal).

Expert facilitation.

By BEAHIVE founder Scott Tillitt — a mix of strategist, publicist, marketer, social entrepreneur, and nonprofit leader with 30 years experience — and/or BEAHIVE’s  community activator, Sami Aviles, a biz ops and systems coach.

Small investment. Huge return.

BEAHIVE members: free
Non-members: $15 advance ($20 at door) **
** join as a paying member within a week and get the fee applied to membership (membership details)

NOTE: Limited participation to maintain intimacy and allow all to share.



“Having several different and thoughtful perspectives coming to bear on topics and problems was refreshing and energizing. Even simply hearing myself sum up my own status/issue was quite valuable.” — web designer Sean O’Dwyer

“It was also very interesting to hear what challenges other entrepreneurs struggled with to contextualize my own.” — Valerie Burchby, editorial director and co-founder of Bent Creative

Most valuable was the “structured, moderated format to give/receive constructive and supportive feedback from people in different walks of life, but with refreshingly similar challenges.” — Patrick Raymond, founder and inventor of CurvitCo

“I can’t remember the last time I had been to a meeting that went this well. It achieved the right balance between orderly and freestyle. For me, it fostered a feeling that each participant was an equal, yet I am sure that everyone offered something insightful, as if each were smarter than I am.” — Chris Joslyn, Lissome Software

Mon, Jun 13, 2022

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

BEAHIVE Newburgh
109 S William St, Newburgh, NY

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