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Current economic structures are arguably inadequate. Increasingly, communities are exploring alternatives.

This talk in the BEAHIVE and Chronogram Local Living Economy Dialogue Series will explore how alternative economies can stimulate a stronger community.


Amy Kirschner — Founder, Vermont Sustainable Exchange

AMY KIRSCHNER (Vermont) — Founder, Vermont Sustainable Exchange
Amy created the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) Marketplace, a peer-to-peer mutual credit system for over 1500 Vermont businesses. With nearly 10 years experience in creating, testing, and running various exchange systems, Amy has keen insight into how mutual credit and p2p currencies are an innovative and practical tool to help businesses and citizens. She also started the Vermont Social Entrepreneurs Meetup, is creating a sustainable business incubator using mutual credit as a new source of startup financing, and is working on the Vermont Master Composter Certification.

Guillaume Leblue — Co-organizer, Bernal Bucks and co-founder, Clearbon

GUILLAUME LEBLEU (San Francisco) — Co-organizer, Bernal Bucks and co-founder, Clearbon
A money innovator, Guillaume co-founded Clearbon, a tool that enables local businesses to grow their sales via a rewards network. Bernal Bucks, Clearbon’s pilot project, is a debit card for the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco that provides rewards for consumers when used locally at participating businesses. Previously, Guillaume co-founded Brixlogic to help financial institutions implement financial messaging protocols and worked on strategic product initiatives related to mobile banking.

Matthew Slater — Co-founder, Community ForgeMATTHEW SLATER (Switzerland) — Co-founder, Community Forge
Matthew has been working for three years on mutual credit systems within the web social framework Drupal. His software powers scores of French-speaking LETS groups and is also used by Timebanks USA. He works on the initiative full time and lives as a nomad, from gifts and expenses.

Caroline Woolard — Co-founder of OurGoods and Trade School

CAROLINE WOOLARD (Brooklyn) — Co-founder of OurGoods and Trade School
Caroline is an artist and advocate for fostering a solidarity economy, with a commitment to building culture and communities of cooperation. OurGoods is a community of artists, designers and cultural producers who barter skills, spaces and objects. Trade School is a “barter for instruction” initiative in NYC. Its second year of programming last spring in the Lower East Side brought 800-plus people together to participate in 76 single-session classes over the course of 35 days.

$10 / BEAHIVE members free
* snacks provided

Co-produced with Venessa Miemis, Emergent by Design


The Local Living Economy series explores ways to cultivate a vital culture of environmental, social and economic sustainability in the Hudson Valley. The talks alternate between BEAHIVE locations in Beacon and Kingston.

A local living economy has been described as one that is locally rooted and human-scale, “tied together with the context of a place, so that you have an economy that is community-based, green and fair.” The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) is a network of socially responsible businesses across North America, leading the movement by which the series is inspired.


Sat, Oct 22, 2011

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

291 Main Street, Beacon, NY

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