Screening: 8:00 PM

Special advance preview. Post-screening discussion with filmmaker Jon Nealon, curator David Ross and Videofreex members Davidson Gigliotti and Skip Blumberg.

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Here Come the Videofreex! opens in 1969. America is undergoing cultural and political revolutions — but you would never know it by watching TV. A forward-thinking CBS executive decides to start a secret pilot project to tell the stories of the counterculture ignored by TV news. He hires a ragtag group of young people — teachers, carpenters, nurses, artists — who have embraced a brand new medium — video. They name themselves the Videofreex and on CBS’s dime, travel the country taping footage the networks could never get, including interviews with Abbie Hoffman and Black Panther Fred Hampton just months before his murder.

The pilot they produce proves to be decades ahead of its time. But when CBS executives see it, they fire the group and say they can keep the “worthless” equipment. The Freex decide to stick together, smuggling their videotapes out of CBS offices late one night in a guitar case, and they move into a loft in Soho.

Comprised of interviews with the Videofreex and — most importantly — the restored video archive the Videofreex shot 40 years ago, the film is a firsthand look at a tumultuous time told through the lenses of the Freex themselves. Their story offers a hopeful view of how independent voices can make themselves heard, even in today’s landscape where the media conglomerates seems impenetrable.

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Here Come the Videofreex – extended trailer

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Tue, Jun 9, 2015

7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

291 Main Street, Beacon, NY

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