Looking for a dynamic community full of creativity, belonging, and possibilities? Have more time than funds?

Maybe you’re itching to get out of the house, but don’t want the jam-packed bustle of a coffee shop. Maybe you have a great idea that will change the world (or our community) but don’t know how to implement it.

Help BEAHIVE. We’ll help you.

Join BEAHIVE’s Community Ambassador Program. In exchange for your help, we’ll support you with membership, resources, and meaningful connections.


BEAHIVE is a place where entrepreneurs, creatives and techies mix with nonprofit leaders, activists and community organizers. At the most basic level, we provide a member-powered, creative workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, consultants, and microbusinesses.

But we’re more than that. Since 2009 we’ve engaged thousands of denizens and dozens of community groups and nonprofits through membership, events and programs. (See our vision.)

With multiple hives in the Hudson Valley (and more on the way) and a plethora of programs and projects, we have an ongoing need for folks to help realize our larger vision.

We have big plans — to grow our community and our impact. You could help.

Community Ambassador Program

We have two parts of the program: internship and membership exchange.

Membership Exchange

Basically, trade time for space (and more). And you’ll have time to work on your own stuff. We’re looking for commitments of one to two 4-hour shifts a week of volunteer on-site support:

  • Greet and connect with members and visitors.
  • Welcome day-passers and space renters.
  • Give tours to potential members.
  • Confidently explain our membership offerings — as well as our mission, vision, and values.
  • Keep our space tidy and welcoming (plants, trash + recycling, mail + packages, supplies) — including the meeting rooms before and after use.
  • Troubleshoot office tech (printer, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Suggest new work practices and processes to improve BEAHIVE.


Engage more deeply in the business of our growing enterprise and learn valuable skills and make valuable connections. Can be part of a formal school program or not. Some things you could help with:

  • Program development
  • Event planning, promotion and logistics
  • General management of the spaces
  • Community building
  • Marketing BEAHIVE regionally (via social media and other)
  • Researching grant and sponsorship opportunities
  • Collaborating on member projects, which might include:
    • PR, publicity and marketing
    • writing and editing
    • design
    • social media

What You’ll Get

  • A membership to BEAHIVE (level depending on your time commitment). Help us and work on your own projects.
  • A growing network of mentors and collaborators. BEAHIVE members work in a variety of fields, from creative to tech to business management, nonprofit admin, and everything in between.
  • A breadth of experience not found in a conventional place — limited only by your initiative.
  • Interns: potential financial remuneration (TBD)

You’ll work directly with our community activator (and sometimes our founder) and potentially with members.

Here’s looking at you, friend.

Interested? We’re looking for passion, smarts, humor, tech savvy, responsibility and reliability — as it relates to the above. You also need your own laptop and easy access to whichever hive you work at.

Please note: We ask for a minimum 3-month commitment.

Join Us

Send an email to bzzz@beahivebzzz.com that includes the following (please keep it brief):

  • What draws you to BEAHIVE and the Ambassador Program?
  • What skills and experience do you have that makes you a great candidate?
  • Interns: Would this be a formal internship program?
  • Membership Exchange: What work are you doing right now that would benefit you physically working out of BEAHIVE and being part of our community?
  • Membership Exchange: Can you genuinely, solidly commit to one or two 4-hour shifts per week for 3 months or more?
  • Membership Exchange: Which day(s) of the week are you available (Monday to Friday)? We’ll work with you to schedule the same day(s) per week.
  • Which hive(s) do you want to work at?
  • Anything else you’d like to share?