Member Bzzz Interview: Jackie Gonzales

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An environmental historian, researcher, observer, and writer, Jackie joined the Albany hive in August 2019.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Lynn Freehill-Maye

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An independent writer passionate about sustainability, nature, and travel, Lynn joined the Beacon hive in December 2018.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Katherine Raynor

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A SUNY New Paltz prof passionate about social justice and travel, Katherine kicked off 2019 as a member of BEAHIVE.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Sara O’ Leary

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A passionate foodie, Sara kicked off 2019 as a new member of BEAHIVE.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Chris Duffy

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A wacky comics editor, Chris has been a part of BEAHIVE since 2012.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Amy Soucy

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A yoga and mindfulness educator passionate about sharing those practices with people of all ages, Amy has been a part of BEAHIVE since 2013.  Keep Reading



In a recent piece on coworking in Journal of Accountancy — the flagship pub of one of the world’s largest member associations — exactly two brands were referenced: the Starbucks of coworking, WeWork, of course, and the cool local coffeeshop of coworking, BEAHIVE. And we got more ink!.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Jonas Concepcion

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A lighting product designer passionate about spicy noodles and sci-fi, Jonas joined BEAHIVE way back in 2011.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Mary Judd

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An inspirational coach, speaker and writer, Mary first joined BEAHIVE in the early days of the Albany hive (2012), and after a hiatus, came back in July 2017.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Andres Pineiro

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A world-traveling Latino digital nomad who does ROI-focused social media campaigns for monster brands and small companies alike, Andres joined BEAHIVE in March 2018.  Keep Reading