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Freelancing is a Force — And Will Be a Majority of Workforce in 10 Years

At its current growth rate, the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2027. This startling stat comes from “Freelancing in America: 2017” (FIA), a comprehensive new study. This has major ramifications for our economy, politics, culture. (2-minute read) Continue reading

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Coworking: Good for Cities

Transforming neighborhoods, connecting communities: just a couple of the reasons why, according to real estate crowdfunding platform Small Change. Our experience shows this to be true. (1-minute read) Continue reading

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The Future of Work? Creativity

Recent research from Steelcase and Microsoft basically showed that “creativity is the new 21st century job skill” and 72% of people believe their future success depends on their ability to be creative. (1-minute read) Continue reading

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FOOD + Social Enterprise Panel… Wow.

February 24 at the Beacon hive we had a lively, interactive discussion with established and emerging leaders around developing a food‐based social enterprise in the Hudson Valley. The room at the “FOOD + Social Enterprise Panel” was packed with nearly 70 people. Continue reading

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Making the World a Significantly Better Place to Live?

There are many ways to make the world a “significantly better” place to live. Here’s one. Continue reading

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BE A HIVE (Looking for Partners)

I’m making a concerted effort to grow the BEAHIVE community and our physical presence — and allow us to better support the growing creatives and microbusinesses in the Hudson Valley. This all fits our vision of shaping a Localist (or Local Living) Economy in the region. Continue reading

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TEDxLongDock: This is What Community Looks Like

Nothing I’ve done has been as personally fulfilling as what transpired in Beacon, NY, on June 7, the culmination of months and months of planning and hard, selfless work with a small, dedicated team. Continue reading

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Inaugural TEDxLongDock Comes to the Hudson Valley

A group of committed citizens is organizing a day-long event full of stimulating and inspiring talks on the impact of arts, culture, the creative class and entrepreneurship in the Hudson Valley. Continue reading

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Save Us. Be Creative!

Think about how many of your friends and acquaintances work for themselves — not just those with their own business, but also those who freelance or consult (whether full or part time). How many consider themselves “creative”? Chances are, you know a lot. While the positive impact of cultural institutions is pretty much conventional wisdom at this point, the larger creative economy that includes DIY (do-it-yourself) makers and small, creative businesses is less understood. Continue reading

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