Member Bzzz Interview: Sara O’ Leary

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A passionate foodie, Sara kicked off 2019 as a new member of BEAHIVE.  Keep Reading

Less Hustle, More Harmony

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Millennials, particularly, are moving upstate to find a better work-life balance. Coworking facilitates that move.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Chris Duffy

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A wacky comics editor, Chris has been a part of BEAHIVE since 2012.  Keep Reading

Citizens Engaged in Beacon’s Development at 2nd Zoning Forum


On Dec. 1, 2018, we partnered with longtime city council member Lee Kyriacou to host a second zoning forum — an open meeting to learn how zoning works, what the current zoning laws are, what proposed changes would do, and the like.  Keep Reading

Resident Desk Available in Beacon Hive


One of the Resident Desks in the Beacon hive is available. We only have nine reserved for residents — this doesn't happen very often. Get it before it's gone!.  Keep Reading

Commuting vs. Coworking

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If you’re like most Americans, you’re likely spending about 52 minutes a day commuting. Cumulatively, that’s roughly five days a year of sitting, spilling coffee on your shirt or scanning for the local NPR station. And all that time spent in a daily commute comes with costs. Lots of costs.  Keep Reading

Private Studio in Beacon Hive Available in December


Our largest private studio in Beacon is available. At roughly 20' x 12' it's perfect for an entrepreneur, creative or small team, or as an artisan workspace. Get it before it's gone!.  Keep Reading

Co-working is Dead, Long Live Coworking!

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What's in a name? Specifically, what's in a hyphenated name used to describe a movement? We pioneers in the movement have long lamented the hyphenation of the word "coworking." Now, the arbiter of word style (at least news writing style) has legitimized our demands!.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Amy Soucy

Member Bzzz

A yoga and mindfulness educator passionate about sharing those practices with people of all ages, Amy has been a part of BEAHIVE since 2013.  Keep Reading

Hudson Valley Mag Surveys the Local Coworking Scene


We're grateful to have both current hives included in this comprehensive review of the region's coworking spaces.  Keep Reading