Member Bzzz Interview: Sarah From

Member Bzzz

An organizational development consultant and leadership coach for social change, Sarah joined BEAHIVE in July 2016, soon after moving to Beacon.  Keep Reading

New Economy = New Ways of Working in the HV


Our biggest area paper the Poughkeepsie Journal recognizes the new work paradigm in an in-depth series exploring not just the statistics and studies of this transformation in the Hudson Valley — but also the stories of those in the trenches.  Keep Reading

Freelancing is a Force — And Will Be a Majority of Workforce in 10 Years

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At its current growth rate, the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2027. This startling stat comes from “Freelancing in America: 2017” (FIA), a comprehensive new study. This has major ramifications for our economy, politics, culture.  Keep Reading

Main St Summit: Packed Hive, Rich Discussions, Connection


On Sept. 26 (2017) we convened fellow business owners and managers and city leaders to address some of the issues we confront in Beacon — as a community and in our businesses.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Vanessa Viglietta Dessert

Member Bzzz

Vanessa is an administrative consultant to wellness entrepreneurs. She joined the Beacon hive in Jan. 2017 as a member and then in the summer joined the BEAHIVE team as a community animator — helping to manage various aspects of the space and to animate the community.  Keep Reading

Coworking: Good for Cities

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Transforming neighborhoods, connecting communities: just a couple of the reasons why, according to real estate crowdfunding platform Small Change. Our experience shows this to be true. .  Keep Reading

A Lot Has Changed in 8 Years


Happy anniversary to us: We first opened our doors 8 years ago on Beacon's charming Main St! A then (May 2009) and now comparison. And a hint at what's to come.  Keep Reading

The Future of Work? Creativity

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Recent research from Steelcase and Microsoft basically showed that "creativity is the new 21st century job skill" and 72% of people believe their future success depends on their ability to be creative.  Keep Reading

Resident Desk Available in Beacon Hive


One of the Resident Desks in the Beacon hive is available. We only have 5 — this doesn't happen very often. Get it before it's gone!.  Keep Reading

Let’s Resolve to Connect


For most folks 2016 was a challenging year (to say the least). We always need community — now even more so. Let's resolve to connect more in 2017. We need it. Our communities need it.  Keep Reading