Reopening + Rethinking the Office: Pinnacle HR’s Move to BEAHIVE Illustrates an Accelerating Trend


Even before the pandemic upended the office, companies were rethinking traditional leases and transitioning to coworking spaces. The trend will only accelerate.  Keep Reading

Rare Private Office in Beacon Flagship Available


One of our smaller 2nd floor private studios in the Beacon flagship hive is available. It's a cute, cozy studio plenty spacious for one.  Keep Reading

Support for NY Freelancers + Entrepreneurs in the Time of Coronavirus

Views + Trends

Much of the aid being discussed supports employees and corporations. We're compiling what's available for small businesses and self-employed freelancers.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Emily Myers

Member Bzzz

A new Brooklyn transplant passionate about social justice and good conversations, Emily joined the Beacon hive in January 2020.  Keep Reading

Largest Private Office in Beacon Flagship Available


The largest of our 2nd floor private studios in the Beacon flagship hive is available. This is our nicest office with one of the best views in Beacon.  Keep Reading

More Hive, More Honey


As we come to the close of our 10th year, a renewed sense of possibility and purpose washes over our hives. We’re expanding (again!) in Beacon and Albany.  Keep Reading

A Look Back at Our 10th Year


I'm proud that we not only survived 10 years but are thriving. We have big plans for the future, but first a quick look back at the last year.  Keep Reading

Hudson Valley Women in Business + BEAHIVE = Yay!


Our little wings are just a-buzzin' over a new partnership with the largest community of womxn business owners in the region.  Keep Reading

Private Offices Available in Beacon Annex


We have several sizes for 1 to 3 (or 4) people available now — perfect as a small office for an entrepreneur, independent worker, telecommuter, or a small team.  Keep Reading

Will Working Remotely Work for You?

Views + Trends

Many say that working remotely has helped reshape their lifestyle and restore work-life balance. But will working remotely work for you?.  Keep Reading