Member Bzzz Interview: Jonas Concepcion

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A lighting product designer passionate about spicy noodles and sci-fi, Jonas joined BEAHIVE way back in 2011.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Mary Judd

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An inspirational coach, speaker and writer, Mary first joined BEAHIVE in the early days of the Albany hive (2012), and after a hiatus, came back in July 2017.  Keep Reading

9 Years… WTF?!


Have we really been doing this coworking thing for 9 years?.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Andres Pineiro

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A world-traveling Latino digital nomad who does ROI-focused social media campaigns for monster brands and small companies alike, Andres joined BEAHIVE in March 2018.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Sarah McNamara

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A writer and creative business coach — a passionate idealist who's obsessed with transformation — Sarah joined BEAHIVE in March 2018.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Ben Schulman

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A lover of cities and baseball, writer of urbanism, and professional communicator, Ben joined BEAHIVE in July 2017.  Keep Reading

Independent Workers United (!) at the Hive


Around 30 freelancers (and others) joined us to connect with one another and learn about some available resources. Along with Poughkeepsie Journal we hosted "Hudson Valley Forward: Independent Workers Unite!" as an in-the-flesh continuation of its in-depth series exploring the "gig economy.".  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Jem Altieri

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A software engineer by trade and musician by calling, Jem joined BEAHIVE in April 2015.  Keep Reading

Citizens Packed the Hive at Beacon Zoning Forum


On Dec. 16, 2017, we partnered with longtime city council member Lee Kyriacou to host the Beacon Zoning Forum — an open meeting to learn how zoning works, what the current zoning laws are, what proposed changes would do, and the like.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Sarah From

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An organizational development consultant and leadership coach for social change, Sarah joined BEAHIVE in July 2016, soon after moving to Beacon.  Keep Reading