Hiring: Community Activator


Work closely with founder Scott Tillitt to both make BEAHIVE run smoothly and have greater impact in the community through our programming.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Katie Parent

Member Bzzz

A licensed therapist, Holy Fire Reiki Master, empowerment coach and motivational speaker, event planner, psychic-medium, and sound healer (whew!), Katie joined the Beacon hive in February 2021.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Alexandra Kelly

Member Bzzz

A full-time editor who also co-owns Liberty Street Bistro and Newburgh Flour Shop with her chef husband Mike, Alex joined the Newburgh hive in February 2021 soon after we opened.  Keep Reading

12 Years?! And Many Mooorrre…


We opened our doors on Beacon's Main St in May 2009 during the nadir of the Great Recession, and we just survived the Great Reset of 2020.  Keep Reading

It’s Time to Pass the NY Health Act

Views + Trends

Politicians love to talk about small businesses being the backbone of our economy — but what if that backbone breaks and you can’t afford to care for it? Or bleeds you dry just paying for coverage even if you don't get sick?.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: David Michaelis

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An award-winning writer, primarily of full-length narrative biographies, David joined the Beacon hive in March 2021.  Keep Reading

Member Bzzz Interview: Mariam Bhacker

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A human rights advocate, Mariam first joined the Beacon hive in 2017, then transferred to the newly swarmed Newburgh hive in 2021.  Keep Reading

Solidarity > Charity: Mutual Aid Beacon

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One of the encouraging things to come out of COVID is the rise of mutual aid networks around the country, including one in Beacon.  Keep Reading

Main St-Facing Office (500+ sf) in Beacon ‘Telephone Building’


It's a gorgeous, light and airy, first-floor space with 2 large windows overlooking Beacon's bustling Main St. We could rent it in its entirety under flexible terms or share it.  Keep Reading

Largest Private Office in Beacon Flagship Available


The largest of our 2nd floor private studios in the Beacon flagship hive is available. This is our nicest office with one of the best views in Beacon.  Keep Reading