Please give a big round of bzzz to our Beacon community ambassador, Kam Singh. A recovering nurse, Kam is passionate about making meaningful relationships and stand-up comedy (among other things).

I’m a(n)…

entrepreneur (and former nurse).

I’m passionate about…

making meaningful relationships, basketball, travel, stand-up comedy, and public speaking.

Briefly describe your work.

Hudson Valley Business Connect (redesigned site forthcoming) helps generate more business, referrals, and customers for small businesses in the Hudson Valley.

What do you love about what you do?

Connecting with people and having a meaningful impact in growing their business.

How did you start (your work)?

I’ve run a marketing agency since 2018, and the pandemic made me want to work closer with local businesses in our community to prevent them from going through the many challenges they faced for nearly 2 years.

My uncle was a local business owner and the reason I got into entrepreneurship myself. It felt right to focus on my back yard.

Where do you see your work going in the next year… five?

We will have been responsible for 7 figures worth of businesses amongst local residents and business owners. Within the next 5 years, we’ll have helped 8 figures worth of transactions take place.

What do you like best about BEAHIVE?

BEAHIVE has a great community environment with a host of brilliant minds and even more friendly people. It’s rewarding that you can come across such diverse groups of people with their own expertise and leverage their experience to make better decisions within your own business.

Feeling like you’re a part of a family. Running a business at any scale can be a lonely process so having a group of loners, makes it better… LOL — but no seriously, the vibe of the Beacon hive is very inviting and a great environment to get focused work done.

Join BEAHIVE’s Community Ambassador Program. In exchange for your help, we’ll support you with membership, resources and meaningful connections.

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