As we keep saying the nature of work is changing. Jobs are leaving the larger companies of a previous generation for the “gig economy” — where people often work independently or in smaller groups.

Photo: Seth Harrison/Poughkeepsie Journal

Around 30 such freelancers (and others) joined us on Feb. 27 (2018) to connect with one another and learn from each other and experts.

Along with Poughkeepsie Journal we hosted “Hudson Valley Forward: Independent Workers Unite!” as an in-the-flesh continuation of its in-depth series exploring the “gig economy.”

The evening included a brief panel discussion with BEAHIVE founder Scott Tillitt and Ron Hicks, Dutchess County assistant county executive for economic development, and moderated by PoJo’s opinion engagement editor John Penney.

It concluded with several breakout discussions facilitated by experts and addressing marketing and PR (Marybeth Cale of Cale Communications), money and taxes (Daniel D’Ordine of DDO Advisory Services), and life design (Kara Martin Snyder of vital corps).

See PoJo’s coverage here and the video below.





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