Albany’s first and only coworking space is buzzing


Opened in early 2012 BEAHIVE Albany has continued to grow each year and now boasts 30-plus members, from nonprofits to programmers to professionals and the creative class.

Amanda Baker, PhD, recently relocated from Switzerland to Albany and was looking for an inspiring space to work as a project manager for Frontiers for Young Minds, a nonprofit scientific journal for young people.

She got more that she was looking for when she went to the farmers’ market across the street from BEAHIVE, met a number of assistant provosts from SUNY, and are exploring collaborations.

Patrick Cronin, who runs his own technology consulting and programming firm, joined in July 2014. “While my work doesn’t require much more than electricity and a decent connection to the Internet, it benefits from the freshness and cross-pollination of ideas from other technologists and people in other professions I get at BEAHIVE,” he says.

“It is so exciting to see BEAHIVE buzzing with so many new members,” says Tracy Metzger, founder of BEAHIVE Albany. “The diversity and collaboration is just what BEAHIVE is all about.”

Located in downtown Albany in a 3000 SF open space environment, members enjoy a casual, motivating environment with a mix of shared workspace and lounge areas, meeting space, desks and tables, sofas and armchairs. The space is also available to rent for small events and parties, workshops and group meetings, with flexible rates depending on the use.

BEAHIVE founder Scott Tillitt launched the original hive in Beacon, NY, and most recently opened new locations in Peekskill and Kingston, bringing the total to four.

“Coworking is a new way to work. It’s a growing worldwide movement in collaboration, where people work in a shared space, alone and together,” he says. “But we’re more than desks and wi-fi and printers. We’re a community of members from diverse backgrounds with a range of talents and a desire to improve our professional and personal lives and our community.”


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