“Working at BEAHIVE has revolutionized my weeks. It’s funny how being in an uplifting, communal and focused environment does wonders for my productivity! It’s a homey office space filled with friendly faces. I highly recommend joining.”
Sarah McNamara, writer and creative business coach (Beacon member)

“As a digital nomad that has been traveling full-time for the past several years, finding a coworking space is one of my top priorities every time I arrive in a new city. I am usually pleased with good wifi and coffee, but at BEAHIVE I was surprised: Here, I found more. It’s not only the coziness of the space, it’s also the sense of community that makes me feel just like home. It is not easy to find — and now that I did, I couldn’t be happier. BEAHIVE, more than a coworking space, it feels like family.”
Andrés Piñeiro Coen, social media consultant (Beacon member)

“I wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for providing a place where I have been able to captain my own professional efforts and growth and at the same time feel a sense of belonging to a community of people interested in doing the same. BEAHIVE is a great environment for fostering professional growth, and I definitely benefitted by being a member. Thanks for making it a reality!”
Patrick Cronin, software developer (Albany member)

“My decision to become a member was THE BEST decision for both my writing AND my creative abilities. When I first met Scott and visited BEAHIVE, I was hoping to have a place to come and get some work done. What I got was a vibrant, supportive community of people (not just business owners) who interact in a very natural, collaborative way. It’s hard to put into words, this ‘magic’ that happens here. I feel fully nourished and fully focused at the same time, by the space as well as the people. In most other ‘work environments’ it was usually one or the other (sometimes neither), but this place is just special.”
Rick Gabrielly, founder and creator of The Marriage Boss (Beacon member)

“I get a buzz out of bumping into a musician, a Hollywood screenwriter, an enterprising improv actor, a website entrepreneur ready to franchise — in short, just good, down-to-earth and interesting people — all in the same Kingston hive.”
Jeffrey Davis, writer and creativity consultant (Kingston member)

“You are one of the drivers in the community. In banking we call it relationship management. You do this well for meaningful constituents. Keep it up.”
Nelson Conde, banker

“BEAHIVE got my out of the house and communicating with more folks face-to-face, again. This helped restore my self confidence, expand my network, increase my motivation and end up where I am now: part owner of an up-and-coming, high tech company that is making significant changes in the dairy industry, something I never ever would have foreseen, and couldn’t be happier about it.”
Jack Cornell, The Radiant Store (Albany member)

“Every time I get to BEAHIVE, I feel a boost. The inspiring atmosphere and community feeling are such a gift. BEAHIVE reinforces what one of my favorite colleagues, professor Chris Peterson, says: ‘If I had to summarize all of the well-being research into one phrase, it would be “other people matter”…’.”
Mary Judd, writing & educational coach (Albany member)

“I’ve worked out of my home successfully for a year now, but find that I am significantly more productive when I take my work to BEAHIVE. The combination of an engaging and talented membership, and a clean, accessible and well-designed space, has had noticeable and positive effect on the way I work, and the quality of work I produce.”
Anne Dailey, freelance writer (Beacon member)

“BEAHIVE is far, far more than a convenient office space solution! Working at the hive has, for me, solved the isolation problem typical of solopreneurship, but more than that it has given me the chance to belong to something larger. The opportunities for valuable networking, collaboration, consultation and community are huge. I even have the sense that belonging to the hive lends extra credibility to my business. I now feel that I have the best of all work worlds, and the space itself has that artisanal sort of magnificence that is out of reach for many freelancers. In short, BEAHIVE is special, progressive, affordable, unique and utterly invaluable. It is my new perfect neighborhood.”
— Andy Rinehart, web design / multimedia authoring (Beacon member)

“I can’t remember the last time I had been to a meeting [Solopreneurs Sounding Board] that went this well. It achieved the right balance between orderly and freestyle. For me, it fostered a feeling that each participant was an equal, yet I am sure that everyone offered something insightful, as if each were smarter than I am.”
Chris Joslyn (Beacon member)

“I love… that they support the full lifestyle of being an entrepreneur; emphasizing that social and cultural events, and personal development play equally as important roles as a professional atmosphere… that successful professionals are willing to pool together to help each other, newbies or seasoned… and that one local network can collectively house as many sources as you’d have to find from several others on your own.”
— anonymous survey taker

“The board meeting of solopreneurial minds [Solopreneurs Sounding Board] was inspiring and lively. Kind of like CEOs troubleshooting, only better. The real questions came to my mind after the meeting. Guess there is a next time to bring them up.”
— writer Daniel Schaublin (event attendee)

“Thank you guys for a great event last night! I was impressed with the presentations, the caliber of the audience and the logistics. You put together an informative and helpful forum and you always seem to make these events fun at the same time!”
— Kingston alderman Tom Hoffay, formerly with the Office of the NYS Attorney General

“What is absolutely unique about BEAHIVE is that it has ‘place.’ There are a number of brilliant activities going on in Kingston, including the gardening and the neighborhood watch and the Main Street Manager and complete streets, a burgeoning community awareness in Kingston. And BEAHIVE has place, infrastructure. It’s a place one can certainly hear from, and uniquely, it is a place one can go to. Meet, talk, be, face to face.” — Gerald Berke (Kingston member)

“I love the spirit of BEAHIVE, its animating principles — and look forward to becoming more actively involved.”
Carl Frankel (Kingston member)

“I think the space is absolutely terrific and is in fact making the prospect of finding 100 extra hours of work time to finish this book even a possibility!”
Jennifer Clair, chef/food editor and founder of Home Cooking New York (Beacon member)

“I love that you can be part of it for a bargain-basement price if you only need a few days/month.”
Kelly Kingman, content and publishing consultant (Beacon member)

“I can’t believe what I’m reading — it’s very exciting (almost like a dream come true). You are helping me realize my vision for the building ‘serving’ the community. Thank you!”
Deborah Bigelow, building owner